Our Team

Our team - a motivated engine

Our team is a focused, strong and motivated engine with a wide range of competencies in our different expert fields.

Lena Johansson

CEO and founder

Lena founded BTR in 1989 and is certified accounting consultant. With more than 30 years of experience, the job mostly consists of advising in accounting, taxes, payroll and personnel issues.

Telefon: + 46 8 505 662 00
Email: lena.johansson@btrbc.com

Annelie Sjölund

Head of Core Team/IT and Development Manager

Annelie has been responsible for the BTR Group’s IT and
development since 2018 and is also responsible for the Core Team.

Annelie has worked in pay for 21 years and is an authorized Payroll Consultant

Telefon: + 46 8 505 662 00
Email: annelie.sjolund@btrbc.com

Catharina Alsmo

Business Unit Director Accounting

Catharina is responsible for our Accounting Business Unit since 2017. She has a CPA and have more than 30 years’ experience in the finance and organization/personnel management
both as an employee and as an entrepreneur.

Telefon:  +46 8 505 662 00
Email: catharina.alsmo@btrbc.com

Catarina Tallving

Business Unit Director Payroll

Catarina has extensive experience in HR and as a salary manager in
various industries, with a focus on standardizing working methods,
streamlining and digitizing.

With 12 years of experience as project manager and consultant
and building a Shared service center within pay, it is obvious to work
in a business and efficient way, always with customer and service in focus.

Telefon + 46 8 505 662 00
Email: catarina.tallving@btrbc.com

Susanne von Garrelts

HR Director

Susanne is a lawyer responsible for HR and management issues.

More than 20 years of experience as manager of results and personnel, both as an employee and own entrepreneur, organizational changes, HR strategies and labor law.

Telefon: + 46 8 505 662 00
Email: susanne.vongarrelts@btrbc.com


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